Logo and Branding Design for made-up Vinyl Record store ‘SPUN-OUT”, set to open in September on K Road, Auckland.

Mockup of storefront
The message should be that Spun-out is a chilled-out, welcoming place to relax, browse and listen. I picked this storefront and colour as it works well with the orange and has an aged look that works well in the Vinyl market. Suited to a target audience of cool older folks and trendy young people in the age of Vinyl’s resurrection.
I created a logo to fit the groovy feel of a record store while referencing retro solid black logos of the 70s. The logo was to be abstract and bold, incorporating the shape of a wax vinyl record. You can see the ‘S’ in the needle and ‘O’ in the record. I didn’t want this to be too obvious. As for colours, I found that black worked well with a subtle Orange, and orange represents warmth and joy and stimulates creativity. The font choice is a groovy but strong choice of Bebas Neue.
I thought it was on theme to have bold artsy posters pasted on the wall. I chose the same orange from the logo for the background .
Website Design with Squarespace
I have recently been exploring website design, having previously used WordPress through University I had some experience, but found Squarespace was a more popular platform with other Designers. Playing around using transitions, colour combinations and imagery I created an online store for Spun Out Vinyl. I wanted a groovy, modern feel with a warm aesthetic.
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